Home Entertainment Actor Kubbra Sait calls arrest of Aryan Khan “unfortunate” and “scary”

Actor Kubbra Sait calls arrest of Aryan Khan “unfortunate” and “scary”


Ever since arrest of Aryan Khan over the drugs-on-cruise case, many Bollywood celebrities have come forward to support the Khans on social media. Actor Kubbra Sait too has opened up on the case calling the series of events “unfortunate” and “scary.”

Talking about the case how people don’t seem to be interested in the truth anymore and are constantly manipulating it Kubbra said, “I think it’s a very scary time to live in right now, where anything and everything you do is judged and everyone is quick to come up with their verdict and nobody really cares about the truth anymore. The truth cannot be changed or shifted or moulded for people. When they start manipulating facts, when they start selling manipulated facts as entertainment, it is a very sad situation to be in. And this has not happened today. It has happened over the last few years. We have seen it happen, and it is really unfortunate.”

“I am observing everything and I think I go back, sob a little and fix my heart and say maybe it was my destiny to be born in this time to see this drama and to see this circus unfold. I don’t wish anybody bad, but I do wish they had that much more heart in themselves to realise that this is another human being I am speaking about,” She adds.