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“Modi’s Alliance Claims Victory in India’s Election Amid Dip in Support, Relying on Coalition Partners”


In India’s recently concluded general election, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s alliance emerged victorious, securing a mandate to advance its agenda. Despite the triumph, Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) faced a setback as it witnessed a decline in its seat count, compelling it to rely on coalition partners to form the government.

"Modi's Alliance Claims Victory in India's Election Amid Dip in Support, Relying on Coalition Partners"

Addressing supporters at his party’s headquarters, Modi hailed the victory as a testament to the strength of the world’s largest democracy, acknowledging the faith placed by Indian voters in both his party and the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) coalition.

Official results released by India’s Election Commission confirmed the NDA’s victory with 294 seats, surpassing the 272-seat threshold required for a majority. However, the BJP, for the first time since its ascension to power in 2014, failed to secure a majority on its own, securing only 240 seats, notably fewer than its previous tally of 303 seats in the 2019 election.

The outcome necessitates Modi to seek the support of other parties within the coalition, marking a significant deviation from his earlier projections of a landslide victory. During the election campaign, Modi had expressed confidence in winning 370 seats for his party and an additional 30 seats for his allies.

As Modi navigates the complexities of coalition politics, the election outcome underscores the evolving dynamics within India’s political landscape, highlighting the importance of alliances and consensus-building in governance.