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“Awards are like Energy booster for an Artist”


Very Well known Actor and Producer Nivaan Sen who has done plenty of Hit Television and OTT shows,
Recently we chat with him about National and International Awards and his thoughts regarding that,
As we know that Recently Nivaan got
‘Best Actor Award ‘ for his OTT
Web Show ‘Jhumke’ .

Q.congratulations for your Best Actor Award and we wanted to know about your feelings.!

Ans. At the out set thank you so much for your wishes and i am feeling really good,
M really glad that i got ‘Film Affair Awards’ this year,
There is nothing except Gratitude.

Q. So many Actors are there who don’t believe in Awards, What’s your thoughts.!

Q. Well according to me i believe Awards are like an Energy boosters for an Artist, i never think beyond that.
An Artist works years and years then one fine day people watch his work and finally decide to give him an Award,
This is purely works as a booster.

Q. Sometimes we heard and so many Actors confronted that you can buy Awards !

Ans. See the thing is particularly i don’t want to give any discant about people’s
perceptions because it’s just an opinion of various people and their minds,
Whatever i got in my life i have given my
Blood and Sweats for that,
may be somebody had a bed experience but end of the day
as i told Awards are like an Energy booster nothing much.

Q.What would you say a about Nepo Kids and Hard work.!

Ans. Well as my concern regarding Nepotism or as you said Nepo kids this is coming form decades and it will be here till the time bollywood or Cinema exists so i don’t think it could create any major differences because i believe that there is no Substitute of
Hard Work and there’re plenty of examples of that.
If you want to create any difference in your Art among the millions you’ve to work like hell.

Well we all know that Nivaan’s Production House (Urban BoatFilms) has been making a Feature Film with Sunil Kothari and his entire team is busy in Production work right now.
Our Best wishes with him.