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Bigg Boss 17 Unleashes Shocking Elimination Twist on Contestants


In a surprising turn of events on Bigg Boss 17, contestants from the Dimaag house are confronted with a new elimination challenge. Tasked with selecting the three weakest participants for eviction, housemates engage in a deliberation before submitting their choices to Bigg Boss. The announcement that one of the nominated housemates will be immediately ousted leaves some contestants visibly emotional.

The tension escalates as names are put forward, with Sana nominating Neil and Vicky suggesting Jigna and Rinku. Tehelka and Arun contribute their opinions on Naved and Abhishek. Subsequently, the selected names are shared with Bigg Boss, leading to an intense gathering of all contestants in the living room. Emotions run high as Bigg Boss reveals, “Makaan no 2’s housemates gave me three names who should have left the house long back,” leaving Ankita, Abhishek, Neil, and Khanzaadi in tears.

Prior to this dramatic elimination twist, controversy had arisen over alleged special treatment given to Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande. Neil’s revelation about Vicky’s hairline and baldness issues, stating the use of a wig attached with medical glue every two weeks, had stirred the housemates and added an extra layer of intrigue to the unfolding drama.