Home Entertainment “Breakthrough in Uttarakhand Tunnel Rescue”

“Breakthrough in Uttarakhand Tunnel Rescue”


After a grueling ten-day rescue mission, a significant development occurred as an endoscopic flexi camera, maneuvered through a six-inch pipe inserted amidst the rubble, revealed the first visuals of the 41 workers trapped since the tunnel collapse on November 12.

The laborers, adorned in hard hats and work gear, displayed resilience by waving to the camera, signaling their well-being. In a heartening turn, the trapped individuals received their initial hot meal in the form of khichdi in glass bottles, a welcome relief from surviving on dry fruits and water.

The unique rescue approach involved sending the camera for communication and food delivery, marking a crucial phase in the ongoing efforts to extricate the workers. Rescue officials, utilizing Walkie Talkies and radio handsets, guided the workers to position themselves in front of the camera, fostering a connection between those below ground and those working tirelessly above.”