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Fans who are against remixes are right in their own way: Rohit Shetty on Tip Tip Barsa Paani remake


Filmmaker Rohit Shetty’s Sooryavanshi is a box office hit however, the many people didn’t appreciate the remixed version of the song Tip Tip Barsa Paani from Mohra (1994) in the film. Several fans of the original are unhappy with the recreated version titled Tip Tip.

Speaking about the criticism faced Rohit said, “Dekhiye main maanta hoon ki, kuch log jo diehard fan hai, jinko lagta hai ki remake nahi karna chahiye tha, woh apni jagah sahi hai (I feel that the diehard fans who are against remixes are right in their own way).”

Rohit further added that both with Aankh Marey and Tip Tip, they tried to retain the essence of the original, from the original singers to even the instruments. “Kai baar hota hai ki it backfires also. Tip Tip ek cult song hai, I agree, but new generation ke liye bhi revive ho jaata hai. Woh yeh gaana dekh ke bhi purana gaana wapas dekhenge (Many times, it backfires as well. I agree that Tip Tip is a cult song but with this, it got revived for the new generation too),” he explained.

Rohit concluded that if people from the earlier generation are unhappy with the remix, they are not wrong, but those who appreciate the song are not wrong either.

While the original song was picturised on Akshay Kumar and Raveena Tandon, the new version features him with Katrina Kaif.

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