Rap music is a form of expression for many musicians who use it to send a message, express themselves, or even tell a story.

Amritanshu or most popularly known by his stage name Amrit Kalam uses this art to express himself and with his latest hit “Freeflow Freestyle” he tell his tale through rapping.

Amrit Kalam is a 23 year old rapper and lyricist from Delhi. He is persuing his final year under graduation from Delhi University.

Amritanshu’s since always had a fond love for music and rapping and his very first song was launched by the popular sensational singer and star Mika singh.

Amrit Kalam began his musical career in 2021, with a song titled ‘Kahaani Meri’ which was produced and launched by Mika Singh.

He has been a music lover since childhood, he has inherited the musical genes from his family and by the god’s grace he finds himself lucky enough to be brought up in sucha health and musical environment.

He combined his ability to write with best of his interests and after that he began his passion with writing songs.

According to him, ‘Rap’ is an art form that allows him to express himself. What one can write and rap about has no bounds.

The fast-growing hip hop community in India is still in its infancy, but it has a bright future thanks to the country’s diverse language, culture, and style.

He says, “It is possible for people to rediscover themselves. But I don’t believe you can truly change who you are because who you are defined by where you came from and what you’ve accomplished so far with”.

Amrit wants Rap to be widely recognised and respected.