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“I am not someone who is probably made for marriage” Kirti Kulhari


Actress Kirti Kulhari had been very open about her divorce with actor Saahil Sehgal. The couple who got married in 2016 decided to go their separate ways in April this year. The actress took to instagram to announce their decision.

Kriti’s recent film Shaadisthan also speaks about the concept of marriage in India. The movie which premiered on Disney+ Hotstar spoke about the affection of our country with the institution of marriage and how due to the pressure of society, girls are sometimes forced to get married at such young ages, and made to live their life as the lesser person in that marriage.

In the film, Kirti essays the role of Sasha, a musician, whose thinking does not align with the society, and who believes in leading an independent life and doing what she wants, when she pleases and not because that is what’s expected from her.

Talking about the concept of film Kirti admits that her own experience and the exposure that she has received in her life from being in this industry and living a city life, have changed her views on marriage over the years.

When asked if she would consider getting married again in future she says, “I don’t think so, but I am also somebody who believes in never say never.” Kirti goes on to explain that it doesn’t mean she would never fall in love again. “If you ask me if I will be in a relationship ever again, of course I would be. That part is very clear, as I have the clarity that I don’t need to be married to be with someone. So, mostly I don’t think I will ever get into it again. I have understood that I am not someone who is probably made for marriage,” she adds.