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Life of Aarti Vij, an International Model and Entrepreneur


Aarti Vij an International Model and Entrepreneur based out of Delhi presently has lot of dreams to fulfil and achieve bigger goals in her life. Her vision is of reaching great heights in the arena of International Modeling, Hospitality & Aviation, being a part of the International Event Industry.

In pursuit of her dreams in the glamour world, she has done many National and International Fashion shows and shoots in New Delhi, Mumbai, Doha, Dubai, etc, apart from being the face of many Jewelry brands and as Show stopper to some of the top names in the global fashion industry. As part of the One World network she has had an extensive experience of the hospitality and aviation industry and has travelled with Qatar Airways to more than 80 plus countries.

She has a dream to get the Commercial Pilot license and to achieve it she is still continuing with her studies for the same, apart from additional languages she is learning and planning training modules to obtain the same.

Aarti has been awarded Nationally and Internationally for her achievements in pursuit of her vision as a Social Activist too from various Government bodies, NGO`s, Corporate and Media Houses, etc,.

She has a vast experience in organizing B2B and B2C events for corporates and between governments. For the past few years she has been organizing events in UAE, Gulf nations and specifically Doha, the political, economic center and capital of Qatar.

Presently, apart from launching her latest venture – “Dolls & Girls” (D&G) an accessories brand, she is handling the upcoming Luxury Fashion Pop-up event – JASHN, as Partner and Director Marketing and creating an event for people to enjoy from 11 am – 11 pm with Luxury and Lifestyle brands, Jewelry, Designer wear, Fashion Show, Live Music, Food, etc, an evening to experience.

“Being a role model isn’t about showing people how to follow you or look like you. Being a role model is about using your freedom to show other people it’s safe to be themselves”, said Aarti Vij