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India sets record as more than 1.5 crore Indians upload videos singing national anthem


Ministry of culture on 15th August 2021 announced that more than 1.5 crore Indians from India and across the world have recorded and uploaded their videos singing the national anthem on the website created by ministry.

According to the statement, the whole country achieved a never done before record on the special occasion of 75th Independence Day.

“This is evidence of the inherent unity, strength and harmony of India,” said the ministry.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on July 25 had urged Indians to sing the national anthem together in Mann Ki Baat. “Like a mantra, the invitation call permeated through the hearts and minds of the people of India who together have now created history and an unbeatable record,” the ministry wrote.

The Ministry of Culture had created a website to enable people to sing the national anthem by August 15 and upload it on it.  People from all parts of the country as well as Indians living outside of India from all sections enthusiastically participated in this unique initiative. Children, senior citizens, youth, women, no one wanted to be left behind from this feeling of community and shared pride.

The ministry had provided a platform where all the eminent artists, well-known scholars, top leaders, senior officers, brave soldiers, famous sportsmen to farmers, laborers, people with special needs, everyone could come together and sing the national anthem in one voice. “From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Arunachal Pradesh to Kutch, the voices singing Jana Gana Mana were reverberating from all directions,” it read.

Mentioning our countrymen living outside India ministry wrote, “When Indians sitting in a corner, thousands of miles away, sang the national anthem in private, their voices embodied the pride of one hundred and thirty-six crore citizens of India. The fact that more than 15 million entries were achieved in just twenty-one days is in itself living proof that when the people of India put their heart to something, no goal is difficult or unachievable,” it stated.

“The national anthem is a symbol of our pride. This program of singing the national anthem has not only created enthusiasm and enthusiasm among all, but the whole world has also got the message of strong unity of India” it concluded.