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Is there a coke bottle for me to remove? Jokes team India’s fielding coach R Sridhar


After footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s Coca Cola snub at Euro 2020 went viral on social media many other personalities joined the trend of playing with beverages on the presser table. Earlier Paul Pogba joined Ronaldo and removed Heineken beer bottle from the table whereas Italy’s Manuel Locatelli also removed Coca-Cola after a Euro 2020 match. Recently Team India’s fielding coach R Sridhar also jokingly asked at press table if there was any coke bottle for him to remove?

The 50 year old was speaking at the opening day of the World Test Championship. WTC final was washed out due to persistent rain in Southampton even before the toss. The rain did stop in the afternoon, which saw the match officials announcing an inspection for 7:30 PM IST. But the inspection didn’t take place as the day’s play was called before that.

Speaking at the presser, Sridhar gave a hint that Team India won’t change its playing XI.”I think the XI which has been announced is the XI that takes the pitch and conditions out of the equation. I think it is an XI which can play and perform on any given surface and in any given weather conditions. So that is what I believe this XI is all about which we have put on the park,” he said.