Home Entertainment “It gave me the biggest currency of fame” Amol Parashar on ‘Tripling’

“It gave me the biggest currency of fame” Amol Parashar on ‘Tripling’


The quirky sibling trio of Chandan, Chanchal and Chitvan is all set for a family trek in Tripling 3. Played by Sumeet Vyas, Maanvi Gagroo and Amol Parashar, these characters have become household names.

Because of his crazy antics and witty one-liners Chitvan has especially found a separate fan base making him really popular among viewers. Expressing his gratitude Amol confesses that he’s earning even today because of Tripling.

“Main toh abtak issi ka kha raha hu,” he joked, in a recent interview . The actor explained that while he was doing theatre and odd parts in films, the show put him on the map. “It gave me the biggest currency, the currency of fame. I remain the same actor but now people know me and love me for my work. I think the show has thus played an important part in my career.”

Amol Parashar said that there were times when he lost out on projects because he wasn’t known enough. “It wasn’t about if I was a better actor or not. They would say sir aap ko koi jaanta nahi hai (nobody knows you). What the show gave me is that log mujhe jaante hai ab (people know me now). I can now show them my Instagram followers and the lovely comments. It has helped me in so many ways. I think I am still acting in the same way, it’s just that I am recognised for my work,” he added.

Talking about his character Chitvan, the actor said that when the script was narrated to him, he was left confused. “I was like kaun hai yeh? Kya hai yeh insan? Kaise play karte hai?” Amol added that Chitvan made no sense to him as an actor and it took a lot of courage to play the part.