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“It should be a woman’s choice what she wants to wear” Divyanka Tripathi slams twitter users for ‘No Bindi No Business’ campaign


Television actress Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya recently slammed twitter users for promoting ‘No Bindi No Business’ campaign. Divyanka, who never shies away from expressing her views on social media, slammed the movement for questioning women choices for dressing up.

‘No Bindi No Business’ is a campaign that has begun against advertisements of traditional Indian attires that don’t show women sporting ‘bindi’. A female user had tweeted, “Speaking for myself. Not buying anything for #Deepawali from any brand that shows model without a bindi. #nobindinobusiness.”

However, her tweet was not appreciated by the ‘Yeh Hai Mohabattein’ actress as she wrote, “No bindi no business? It should be a woman’s choice what she wants to wear! Hinduism is about respecting choices! Next you’ll want purda-system & then Satipratha back? Why should any culture be measured by women’s dressing? I’m further shocked when women propagate such concepts.”

She revealed in another tweet that she also shot for a Diwali commercial recently without a bindi. “Even I did a Diwali home shot commercial recently without a Bindi. Brand had nothing to do with it. It was a personal choice…close to my reality. If one is sure of his/her cultural values,won’t need a pseudo portrayal. Now, I’ll wear a green dress on Diwali. Will share pics,” she wrote.

This comes amid the stream of boycott campaigns on social media platforms against advertisements about the upcoming festival of Diwali.

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