I’m not done yet- Kapil Sharma: You’ll be SHOCKED to know the only thing he loves more than comedy! Ace Comedian Reveals!

Prior to his OTT's debut, NETFLIX has shared some of the funniest snippets from the latest stand-up comedy show of Kapil Sharma. In the latest part, the ace comedian reveals that his mind is more than a comedy.

Kapil Sharma - I’m not done yet: Ace Comedian REVEALS the only thing he loves more than comedy and you'll be SHOCKED

Kapil Sharma’s I’m Not Done Yet premieres January 28 on digital streaming giant Netflix. Ahead of the release, Netflix was busy sharing some interesting snippets from the stand-up comedy special. In the latest reminiscence shared from Kapil Sharma’s OTT debut, the comedian reveals the only thing he loves more than comedy is his wife Ginni Chatrath, and the tidbit he’s shared about their love story has won our hearts since we are sure you will love them all too.

Wife Ginni Chatrath seen in Kapil Sharma's Netflix show, I Am Not Done Yet  | palpalnewshub

The comedian gave us an adorable but hilarious look at his love life in typical Kapil Sharma style, saying: “Ginni Jalandhar ke girls college mein thi and was 3 to 4 years younger than me. Mai apna PG Diploma Commercial Arts mein persue kar raha tha and I needed pocket money. I used to do theater that time and went to different universities to perform. Ginni was my student and she was very intelligent. She was also good at doing skits and theater, so I made her my assistant. He also came from a wealthy family. I remember that every day she came in an expensive car to the university and I rode my scooter”.

“Ginni fell for me before I could even think off, mujhe apne class difference ke wajah se doubts the ki kuch bhi ho sakta hai. A friend of mine even told me that Ginni likes me but I didn’t took that seriously. I never thought that anything possible would happen between us. But God was very good and I’m lucky to have married her. She was always supportive of me. I remember when I was going through a very tough time and I decided to fix things in my life, marrying her was the first thing I did right after. Today, I am lucky to have 2 incredible children in my life,” added Kapil Sharma.

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