Home Entertainment Masaba Gupta Applauds Vikrant Massey’s Stellar Performance in “12th Fail”

Masaba Gupta Applauds Vikrant Massey’s Stellar Performance in “12th Fail”


Renowned designer and actor Masaba Gupta took to Instagram to express her admiration for Vikrant Massey’s performance in the critically acclaimed film “12th Fail.” Masaba, who has known Vikrant since childhood, showered praise on the actor for his self-belief, drive, ambition, and unwavering dedication to hard work.

Masaba Gupta Applauds Vikrant Massey's Stellar Performance in "12th Fail"

In her heartfelt Instagram post, Masaba Gupta wrote, “Vikrant Massey, I have known you since we were children, but the self-belief, drive, ambition, and most importantly, the willingness to work so damn hard despite being talented was there from day 1. Congratulations. I cannot believe how good you are in 12th Fail. Setting an example for many to follow. This is just the beginning, it’s too damn good. May we always have the courage to #restart.”

Responding to Masaba’s touching review, Vikrant Massey expressed his gratitude, saying, “Massuuuu, sending dher saara pyaar. Thank you so so much for always silently praying for me.”

Masaba Gupta’s words of appreciation add to the growing acclaim for Vikrant Massey’s performance in “12th Fail.” As the film continues to garner attention, Masaba’s review stands as a testament to Vikrant’s talent and dedication, setting an inspiring example for aspiring artists in the industry.