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Paras Gupta will launch his new music label ‘PG records’ on his birthday.


Paras Gupta who will be celebrating his birthday on 2nd of October has more than one reason to be happy about. Paras who will turn 23 this year is going to launch his new music label ‘PG records’ .

We at PKG lifestyle news wish Paras Gupta good luck, peace, prosperity and success in every dimension of his life and career on his birthday.

Paras started his career at the age of 17 and already owns many reputed brands in the market. He has comprehensive knowledge in real state and financial markets and is working with leading companies.

PG records is going to be his debut in music industry. Paras says that our country has many artists in field of music who don’t get a chance to come forward and show their talent because there are not enough spots in Bollywood music industry therefore PG records is an initiative to provide platform to musical talent of India. PG records will also collaborate with big names in the music industry and bring raw talent and professionals under the same banner.

Other than this PG records will also support and provide platform to other artists from the industry like actors, Instagram influencers, models, dancers, comedians, anchors, real-estate businessmen etc

Overall the main motive of Paras Gupta is to provide the music lovers with the best music because as Friedrich Nietzsche said “Without music, life would be a mistake”