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“Romantic Revelations and Intrigue Emerge in Bigg Boss 17: Abhishek’s Affection for Khanzaadi Takes Center Stage”


As Bigg Boss 17 continues to captivate audiences, the show takes an intriguing turn with evolving relationships and candid confessions. The latest spotlight shines on Abhishek Kumar and Khanzaadi, also known as Firoza Khan, as sparks seem to fly between the two housemates.

In a recent promo, Abhishek Kumar makes a heartfelt gesture by publicly apologizing to Khanzaadi in front of their fellow housemates. The actor from “Udaariyaan” expressed, “Sundar lagne lag gayi hai mujhe ekdum se. Tum mujhe daant to lo. Tum to lad rahi ho na. Main Kaan pakad ke uthak beithak karke sorry maangta hun. [I have started liking you. You can scold me. But don’t fight. I am apologizing to you again.]”

Khanzaadi responded with a question, “Agar wapis se same cheez kiya to? [If you repeat it again then?]” Abhishek’s reply was nothing short of endearing, as he playfully said, “Cheeks pe kiss kar dena, please. [Please kiss my cheeks.]”

What adds complexity to this budding romance is Abhishek’s previous confession of his feelings for Isha Malviya. However, the dynamics shifted dramatically when Isha openly declared Samarth Jurel as her “current boyfriend” upon his entry into the Bigg Boss house as a wild card contestant.

The drama within the Bigg Boss 17 house is undeniably on the rise, as love confessions, shifting alliances, and unexpected twists continue to unfold. Abhishek’s newfound affection for Khanzaadi has certainly piqued the interest of viewers, leaving them eager to see how this unique love story will develop in the coming episodes.