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“Sharp Decline in Local Youth Joining Terrorist Ranks in Jammu and Kashmir Signals Progress in Countering Insurgency”


In a significant development in the strife-torn region of Jammu and Kashmir, the Director General of Police, Dilbagh Singh, reported a notable decline in the number of local youths joining terrorist organizations in 2023. He revealed that only 10 individuals had taken the path of militancy during this year, in stark contrast to the 110 who had joined the ranks of insurgents in the previous year.

This encouraging shift reflects the collective efforts to address the complex issue of insurgency and terrorism in the region. The decreasing number of local youth embracing violence is a positive sign, suggesting that the measures taken to counter extremism and promote peace are yielding results.

Mr. Dilbagh Singh’s appeal to militants to renounce violence and reintegrate into mainstream society underscores the importance of rehabilitation and reconciliation efforts. It highlights the commitment of local authorities to provide a pathway for those who may have been lured into militancy to return to a peaceful and productive life.

The assertion that terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir is on the brink of being “almost finished” is a statement that instills hope in the hearts of many who have long endured the devastating consequences of insurgent activities. The promise to eliminate the remaining elements of terrorism is a testament to the relentless pursuit of peace in the region.

These developments are undoubtedly a positive step forward, but they also call for continued vigilance. While the decrease in the recruitment of local youth by terrorist organizations is heartening, it is essential to remember that the roots of extremism run deep and can be tenacious. Ensuring lasting peace will require sustained efforts in addressing the root causes of militancy and extremism, as well as fostering economic and social development in the region.

The quest for lasting peace in Jammu and Kashmir remains a complex and delicate endeavor. It involves not only maintaining law and order but also addressing the underlying grievances and challenges that have fueled the insurgency. While the decline in local youth joining militant ranks is undoubtedly a promising sign, the journey toward a peaceful, stable, and prosperous Jammu and Kashmir continues, and the authorities must remain committed to this cause.