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Success story of Alok Agarwal, founder of ASV production


Hailing from Jaipur, Alok Agarwal has carved a name for himself in the fashion industry in a very short period of time. Alok who started his career as a dancer is a big name in the fashion industry today.
Talking about his journey Alok says that beginning of his career was full of struggle as he used to go from one audition to another. He says he knocked the door of every audition venue from fashion shows to reality shows however nothing worked out.
Even after working hard for months he didn’t achieve any success but Alok didn’t give up and ultimately started doing small shows. Slowly and gradually he started getting noticed because to his hardwork and talent and kept on getting one show after another.
Alok strives to provide platform to people with talent and that’s the thought he puts behind his each show. Today he owns a production company named, ASV production and has organized many successful shows in such a young age.