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“We are learning how to better communicate with our loved ones when we’re locked down.” Says Kim Chadha.

Kim Chadha

Kim Chadha who is a model and a fashionconsultant has been an integral part of great shows and paegants. She was also a part of stylebee, a show which completely turned her life around.

Kim says that quarantine has been a time of new experience with its pros nd corns. Self-isolation was a disorientating experience for her, as she is used to spending most of her time outside of the house! But although spending the weekend at home isn’t ideal, but this is a National emergency.

Nevertheless, it’s important to look on the bright side, whilst channelling our energy into some productive activities. There’s a lot that can be done to get yourself not only caught up but even ahead of life’s responsibilities while having plenty of fun as well.

Kim said that meditation was the first thing she started doing this quarantine as it helped her to be mindful of her surroundings as well as her well-being in quarantine. Meditation also helped her to get peace of mind in times of uncertainty.

Our internal sense of time is more complicated than you might think. Emotions, memories, events, even whether you’re hungry or tired can affect how you perceive the passage of minutes, hours and days. So it’s no surprise that an event like a global health crisis might mess with your brain’s sense of time. Therefore having a routine is very important as it gives us a sense of control over our lives. That’s especially important when so much feels beyond our control. Hence Kim makes sure that her Tuesday doesn’t have to look like Thursday by scheduling regularly occurring events — Tuesday laundry day, Friday movie night, Sunday morning waffles — can help anchor your days.

To fight back against the emptiness of endless days at home, we should try to focus on the things that we can control, even if it’s just cooking a healthy meal and going to bed at a reasonable hour. “Take control over what you can, and honor the fact that you accomplished those things,” Kim says.

Even after trying your best to remain productive during lockdown it is natural to feel overwhelmed right now and it’s easy to get caught up in negative ideas like ‘What have I accomplished?’” says Kim. “If you notice a negative thought come up, try to change your perspective. We need some of that hopefulness during this time.”

Kim says that spending time with your family is really important during lockdown therefore she spends quality time with her family and kids and believes that this national lockdown has strengthened her bond with her family.

Kim says that we are learning how to better communicate with our loved ones when we’re locked down. We might end up, when we get back to normal socialization, in a community with a better capacity for links than before.