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Weekly Entertainment Roundup: Theatrical Releases and OTT Delights Unveiled


As we bid farewell to the current week and usher in a new one, the world of entertainment has an exciting lineup in store for enthusiasts. From riveting theatrical releases to captivating content premiering on OTT platforms, the entertainment quotient for the week promises diverse options for audiences.

In Theatres:

Devil (Telugu Film) – December 29: The Telugu film industry presents “Devil,” offering audiences a cinematic experience filled with suspense, drama, and, undoubtedly, a touch of the unexpected.

Bubblegum (Telugu Film) – December 29: Another addition to the Telugu film lineup this week is “Bubblegum,” enticing moviegoers with its unique flavor and narrative.

Kaatera (Kannada Film) – December 29: Kannada cinema enthusiasts are in for a treat with the release of “Kaatera,” promising a compelling storyline and noteworthy performances.

Venky (Telugu Film – Re-release) – December 30: For those who missed it earlier, “Venky” makes a comeback to the big screen, providing a second chance to witness its cinematic magic.

On OTT Platforms:


Kho Gaye Hum Kahan (Hindi Film) – December 26: Netflix kicks off the week with “Kho Gaye Hum Kahan,” a Hindi film that is sure to captivate viewers with its narrative prowess.

Annapoorani (Tamil Film – Telugu Dub) – December 29: Tamil cinema takes center stage with “Annapoorani,” also catering to a wider audience with its Telugu dubbed version.

Berlin (English Web Series) – December 29: The streaming giant introduces “Berlin,” an English web series poised to unfold gripping tales and keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Three of Us (Hindi Film) – December 29: “Three of Us” arrives as a Hindi film, promising a cinematic journey filled with emotion, drama, and perhaps a few surprises.

Disney Plus Hotstar:

Mangalavaaram (Telugu Film) – December 26: “Mangalavaaram” graces the digital screens, offering Telugu cinephiles an engaging story to savor.

12th Fail (Hindi Film) – December 29: Hindi cinema enthusiasts can look forward to “12th Fail,” a film that aims to resonate with the audience through its unique narrative.


Keedaa Cola (Telugu Film) – December 29: Aha presents “Keedaa Cola,” a Telugu film that adds its flavor to the diverse cinematic offerings of the week.
Whether you prefer the grandeur of the silver screen or the convenience of your streaming service, this week’s entertainment lineup ensures that there’s something for every taste and preference. Get ready to be enthralled by the magic of storytelling and cinematic artistry across theatres and OTT platforms alike.