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‘You Were Too Young, Had Entire Life Ahead’ Karan Kundra on death of Actor Preksha Mehta.


Actor Preksha Mehta committed suicide at her residence in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Actress who had worked in Crime Patrol, hung herself from a ceiling fan on May 25.

As per the reports, the 25-year-old actor was suffering from depression due to overthinking and lack of work post-COVID-19 lockdown. Preksha’s father pointed towards her apprehending loss of roles and difficulty in getting roles in TV serials post-lock-down. He claimed that she was under acute depression as she felt she’ll have to begin all over again right from scratch.

The death news of Preksha Mehta has come as a shock to everyone and actor Karan Kundra also mourned the demise of Preksha. He expressed his thoughts on mental illness. In his post, Karan wrote, “‘Sabse bura hota hai sapno ka marr jaana’ another television actor has committed suicide and this is what she posted last on her Instagram #prekshamehta this is extremely sad! You were so young.. you had your entire life in front of you! We need to talk more about mental health.”

In his another tweet, the actor wrote, “A look at her Instagram shows nothing out of the ordinary, which just shows how much more we need to care about people around us in these tough times and not just assume they’re fine! RIP little one, we shall pray for you! This too shall pass!”

Just before committing suicide, Preksha shared a message on Instagram stories that read, “Sabse bura hota hai sapno ka mar jaana”

Other TV actors such as Arjun Bijlani, Ridhima Pandit, Kanwar Dhillon also commented on Kundra’s post. Kanwar said, “Its really sad! But whats really worst is we live in a time & age where even people we know are too busy to respond to calls & messages or be there for someone in need..I have personally checked on so many friends during this period & have actually noticed so many not responding to calls/messages inspite of sitting free at home! (90 percent Actors to be specific) Imagine if this ignorance happened to someone who really needed help or wanted to talk in a tough time? We are living in a superficial world & sadly there are only a handful who are all heart & ready to help..Sad but true!

Earlier, TV actor Manmeet Grewal committed suicide due to a financial crisis. The television and film shoots are at halt since March 19 to contain coronavirus from spreading in the country.