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Traffic Chaos on Noida Expressway as Farmers’ Protest Sparks Gridlock


In a recent development, the Noida Expressway is witnessing a significant traffic jam, with traffic police implementing barricades to impede a farmers’ march from Noida to Parliament House. The situation unfolded on Thursday, prompting the police to employ trucks and cranes to block two out of three lanes near Dalit Prerna Sthal.

Traffic Chaos on Noida Expressway as Farmers' Protest Sparks Gridlock

The traffic police’s strategic barricading has resulted in a substantial disruption, causing vehicles to come to a standstill. The movement of traffic is restricted to only one lane, specifically directed towards Mayur Vihar, as authorities navigate the challenges posed by the ongoing farmers’ protest.

The protest, part of a larger movement, has sparked concerns about the impact on daily commuters and has led to a concerted effort by law enforcement to manage the situation. The use of trucks and cranes as barriers underscores the authorities’ commitment to controlling the flow of the march and maintaining public safety.

As the farmers’ march unfolds and law enforcement works to regulate the situation, the heavy traffic jam on the Noida Expressway serves as a visible manifestation of the challenges faced by both protesters and regular commuters. The dynamics of the protest and its effects on daily life will continue to unfold as authorities strive to strike a balance between facilitating peaceful demonstrations and minimizing disruptions to the public.