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Chaos Ensues as Heavy Traffic Plagues Delhi on Diwali Eve


As the festival of lights, Diwali, approached, the national capital of India found itself engulfed in a sea of massive traffic snarls that spanned various areas, creating inconvenience and frustration for the city’s residents. Among the severely affected regions were Ghazipur and Nangloi, where congested roads and prolonged travel times marred the festive atmosphere.

One of the notable traffic trouble spots was the Ghazipur border, especially the route leading towards Ghaziabad from Delhi. The situation was dire, with commuters finding themselves trapped in the gridlock for hours on end. Their plight prompted many to turn to social media platforms, where they shared their experiences and sought respite from the chaotic situation.

A particular point of contention arose on the Delhi-Meerut expressway, near Ghazipur market, where a substantial number of travelers reported being ensnared in traffic jams that extended for over an hour. According to these individuals, the culprits behind the gridlock were the vendors at the Ghazipur flower market, who were accused of encroaching onto the road illegally. This intrusion, they contended, not only created extensive traffic snarls but also posed a significant inconvenience to those trying to navigate through the area.

The pre-Diwali shopping rush and the allure of bustling markets brought throngs of people onto the streets, further exacerbating the already challenging traffic situation. As the national capital grappled with the bustling chaos, residents and commuters were left to cope with the arduous task of navigating the city’s congested roads during this festive season.

This series of traffic woes on the eve of Diwali serves as a stark reminder of the need for improved traffic management and compliance with regulations, especially in densely populated and commercially vibrant areas. As Delhi continues to experience the ebb and flow of its urban life, addressing these challenges becomes an essential priority for authorities.