Home News Government Urges Media Caution Ahead of Ram Temple Inauguration

Government Urges Media Caution Ahead of Ram Temple Inauguration


In anticipation of the grand inauguration ceremony for the Ram Temple on January 22, the government has issued a stern warning to both media outlets and social media platforms, urging them to exercise caution and refrain from disseminating false and manipulated content surrounding the event.

Government Urges Media Caution Ahead of Ram Temple Inauguration

The pre-consecration rituals for the Ram Temple, which commenced on January 16, are set to culminate in the pran-pratishtha of Lord Ram Lalla during the highly anticipated ceremony. However, as the nation eagerly awaits this historic occasion, a surge in fraudulent activities has been observed, particularly on social media.

Numerous deceptive links have surfaced, claiming to offer exclusive VIP tickets and the sacred Ram Temple prasad. These misleading links have prompted the government to take proactive measures, urging media channels and social platforms to play a responsible role in curbing the spread of false information.

The government’s directive emphasizes the importance of maintaining the integrity of information related to the Ram Temple event, cautioning against the publication of content that may be false or manipulated. This move aims to ensure that the public receives accurate and reliable information regarding the inauguration ceremony, while also protecting individuals from falling victim to deceptive schemes.

With the inauguration just around the corner, the call for heightened vigilance comes as a timely reminder for both traditional media outlets and online platforms to exercise due diligence in verifying the authenticity of content before dissemination. As the nation unites to witness the historic moment, a collective effort is required to thwart the circulation of fraudulent links and misinformation, preserving the sanctity of this momentous occasion.