Home News Manipur Government Extends Mobile Internet Ban for Five More Days

Manipur Government Extends Mobile Internet Ban for Five More Days


In a surprising turn of events, the Manipur government has decided to prolong the mobile internet ban for an additional five days, pushing the restrictions until October 31. This move comes just a week after Chief Minister N Biren Singh had publicly announced the government’s intentions to lift the ban within a few days.

The decision to extend the mobile internet ban has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions about the reasons behind this unexpected development. Many had been eagerly anticipating the restoration of mobile internet services following the Chief Minister’s recent statement.

The initial announcement made by Chief Minister N Biren Singh had created a sense of hope among the people of Manipur, who have been grappling with the limitations imposed by the ban. However, the sudden extension has left many residents and businesses in the state wondering about the government’s motives and the impact this decision will have on their daily lives.

Mobile internet restrictions have become a common tool employed by governments in various regions for reasons that range from maintaining law and order to controlling the flow of information. In the case of Manipur, the decision to extend the ban highlights the complex challenges faced by both the government and the general public in striking a balance between security concerns and the need for unrestricted communication.

As the ban now stretches into October 31, the people of Manipur will continue to adapt to the limitations on their digital access, with a sense of uncertainty about when normalcy will be restored. This extension serves as a reminder of the ongoing debate surrounding internet bans and their implications for both individual freedoms and the broader functioning of society.