Home News “Past Controversies Surrounding Arrested Doctor Unveiled Amid Pune Car Crash Probe”

“Past Controversies Surrounding Arrested Doctor Unveiled Amid Pune Car Crash Probe”


As the investigation delves deeper into the Pune car accident and the subsequent attempts to conceal crucial evidence, attention has turned towards the troubled history of Dr. Ajay Taware, associated with Sassoon General Hospital. Dr. Taware, currently in custody for his alleged involvement in tampering with blood samples related to the case, has a past marked by controversies, including links to an alleged kidney racket.

"Past Controversies Surrounding Arrested Doctor Unveiled Amid Pune Car Crash Probe"

Of particular interest is a recommendation letter dated 2023, penned by NCP MLA Sunil Tingre, which has sparked concerns. This isn’t the first time Tingre’s name has surfaced in connection with this case, as he was previously accused of influencing police actions in favor of the juvenile involved.

Dr. Ajay Taware’s name had previously surfaced in connection with a kidney racket investigation back in 2022. Following the exposure of an illegal organ transplant case at Ruby Hall Clinic, he was asked to step down as the medical superintendent of Sassoon General Hospital in April of that year. However, despite recommendations from the Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER) for his removal, Dr. Taware was reinstated on December 29, 2023. This reinstatement came shortly after an endorsement letter from Vadgaon Sheri NCP MLA Tingre to the state medical education minister, Hasan Mushrif, recommending Dr. Taware for the position.

Additionally, Dr. Taware has been linked to a recent investigation into a rat bite case at the hospital, adding to the scrutiny surrounding his tenure.

As the police continue their inquiries into the Pune car accident case and the possible cover-up attempts, they are actively pursuing information on Dr. Taware’s past investigations and controversies. Alongside Dr. Taware, other hospital personnel, including Dr. Shrihari Halnor and Atul Ghatkamble, have also been apprehended by Pune police in connection with the ongoing probe.