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Unconventional Union: Groom Battling Dengue Says ‘I Do’ in Hospital Ceremony


In an unexpected turn of events, a 27-year-old East Delhi resident, Avinash Kumar, found himself exchanging vows with his bride, Anuradha, in a hospital setting due to a sudden bout of dengue. The unique ceremony unfolded at Max Vaishali, where the hospital’s meeting hall served as an impromptu wedding venue.

Avinash’s health took a drastic turn just four days before the planned wedding, as he succumbed to fever and exhaustion. Diagnosed with dengue on November 25, he was admitted to the high-dependency unit at Max Vaishali, with his blood platelet count plummeting to a critical 10,000.

Faced with the dilemma of a postponed wedding, Avinash’s father, Rajesh Kumar, contemplated delaying the celebration. However, a visit from Anuradha and her family sparked an unconventional idea – why not proceed with a brief ceremony within the hospital’s confines at the same auspicious time originally intended for the wedding?

On the evening of November 27, Avinash and Anuradha, adorned in their wedding attire, shared their vows in a minimalist ceremony attended by only 10 close family members. Anuradha, a nurse at a Faridabad hospital, expressed her surprise at the unexpected turn of events, reflecting on the unforeseen hospital setting for their nuptials.

Dr. Ruchi Ranawat, the medical superintendent of Max Vaishali, highlighted that the ceremony adhered to all necessary health and safety protocols, with medical staff, including doctors and nurses, present. Avinash’s health is reportedly improving, with his platelet count now exceeding 40,000.

Reflecting on the unusual circumstances, Rajesh expressed gratitude for the hospital’s acceptance of their request, adding that a reception party could be arranged once Avinash fully recovers. This unexpected hospital wedding stands as a testament to love prevailing even in the face of health challenges.