Home Sports Rohit Sharma Rebukes IPL Broadcasters for Privacy Violation

Rohit Sharma Rebukes IPL Broadcasters for Privacy Violation


Indian cricket skipper Rohit Sharma voiced his discontent on May 19 regarding a recent privacy breach, sparked by the circulation of a video clip capturing a private conversation he had requested not to be aired by Star Sports.

Rohit Sharma Rebukes IPL Broadcasters for Privacy Violation

In the viral video, Sharma expressed his reluctance to undergo another controversy akin to his previous conversation with former Mumbai cricketer and current KKR coach Abhishek Nayar.

Expressing his dismay, Sharma appeared disappointed with the situation within the Mumbai Indians camp during the video chat with Nayar, which stirred controversy on social media platforms.

Unhappy with Star Sports for disregarding his privacy request, Sharma criticized the broadcaster, cautioning that such actions could erode trust among stakeholders.

Taking to social media platform X, Sharma lamented the intrusion into cricketers’ lives, highlighting the ubiquitous presence of cameras recording every interaction, whether in private settings or during training sessions and match days.

Despite Sharma’s request to refrain from recording his conversations, the footage was aired, constituting a breach of privacy. Sharma emphasized the potential consequences of prioritizing exclusive content over maintaining trust between fans, cricketers, and the cricketing community.

In an earlier incident, Sharma was seen urging a cameraman to mute the audio during a conversation with pacer Dhawal Kulkarni.