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“Bigg Boss 17’s Dhama k Daar Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan’s explosive Confrontation with Love Triangle Drama”


The upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar in Bigg Boss 17 promises to be an explosive segment, with host Salman Khan directly addressing the controversial love triangle involving Isha Malviya, Samarth Jurel, and Abhishek Kumar. Isha’s tangled romantic web, featuring her former boyfriend Abhishek and current partner Samarth, has been a hot topic, but it has also drawn criticism.

Salman Khan, visibly perturbed by Isha’s uncertain stance regarding her relationships, takes the actress to task for treating love and connections casually. In the promotional clip, Salman remarks, “Isha, this is a very small industry. You didn’t need to lie in it.” He goes on to express doubts about Samarth’s trust in Isha, saying, “Samarth, will you ever be able to trust her going forward? You seem to be having fun, relishing the attention. This fun might weigh heavily on you in the future. By joining this show, you’ve laid your entire life bare for all to see.” Salman also chastises Samarth for participating in the show, suggesting he shouldn’t have agreed to it, saying, “If I were in your place, I wouldn’t have come at all.” Finally, he labels the Abhishek-Isha-Samarth trio as “fools,” declaring, “You guys are looking like fools.”

For those unfamiliar with the situation, Abhishek and Isha entered the Bigg Boss house with the baggage of their past relationship, which included accusations of physical violence made by Isha during the grand premiere episode. However, inside the BB house, the former couple grew closer.

In a surprising turn of events, Bigg Boss introduced Samarth as a wild card contestant in the previous week. Initially, Isha was hesitant to acknowledge their relationship, leading to significant drama between the two. Eventually, Isha confessed to her involvement with Samarth.

Regarding the upcoming elimination, the contestants nominated for eviction in the third week include Aishwarya Sharma, Manasvi Mamgai, Arun Mahshetty, Isha Malviya, Samarth Jurel, and Sana Raees Khan. The suspense is building as viewers await the outcome of this week’s elimination, wondering who will exit the Bigg Boss 17 house.