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Dia Mirza says she was told that she is too pretty, too short to be a ramp model.


Dia Mirza’s career in the glamour industry is one hell of a roller coaster ride. From winning a beauty pageant to modelling and then giving outstanding performances in Bollywood, the diva has come a long way in her career. While she is one of the popular faces in the industry and her poise and panache often leave us gasping for breath. But this success and recognition didn’t come easy for Dia Mirza and she too faced her share of rejection during her initial days.

You will be surprised to know that this beauty queen was once rejected for being too pretty to be a ramp model. This happened during her initial days of modelling in 1990s wherein she was told that she was too short and too pretty to be a model. “I was told ‘You should just do commercials and Bollywood’ and Bollywood would be said to me like it’s a bad thing. It’s really the tone that people use to convey things sometimes that can either become a compliment or an insult. It’s not always what you are saying; it’s about how you say it. Also, many times I was told, ‘uff yaar! You are too pretty’ and I was like is it a bad thing?” Dia stated.

Furthermore, the actress also talked about the beauty standards in society Dia stated, “Beauty judgments are many and while we think that light skin women have no judgments to deal with. There is this filmmaker I love and respect and I really wanted to work with, once told me ‘You are too fair to be in my movies’. And then I have also heard ‘You are too pretty to play this part’. It’s all social conditioning and it goes straight back to the fact that we keep identifying people and putting them into a box when everyone is capable of doing much more than we ever allow them to be”.

Meanwhile, talking about the work front, Dia was last seen in Taapsee Pannu starrer Thappad and is basking in the success of the movie.


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