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“I am an actor and a mother. But neither role defines me completely.” Anushka Sharma


Actress Anushka Sharma who embraced motherhood in January 2021 always ensures that she is there with her daughter Vamika at every moment in her life. Anushka and Virat have kept their little girl away from the limelight, with just the occasional dropping of cute glimpses on social media.

In a recent interview Anushka opened up about how she realised that her identity in life has been going through its own metamorphosis.

Sharing that in her life she got the ‘biggest understanding’ even before she became a mother to Vamika, Anushka revealed what the understanding was “My biggest understanding of life in the past few years, even before I became a mother, has been that you cannot get attached to any identity of yours, because it’s all very fickle,” she said. Further adding that even though she is an actor and a mother, none of the roles has taken over her identity completely.

“I am an actor and a mother, both of which have taken up significant amounts of time in my life. But neither role defines me completely.” Anushka reflects. Talking about how this understanding came to her she said that she didn’t want to allow the transient nature of her stardom to define her.

“As somebody working in the industry, I thought I was quite far removed from it. I didn’t belong to an inner circle and my routine always consisted of going to work, coming back and spending time with myself. But, it dawned on me that I was defining my self-worth based on who I am, based on the celebrity that I am, the star that I am, the success I have garnered and the talent that I possess. That started to seem abnormal to me. I figured that if I’m going to keep allowing something so transient to define who I am, at some point I’m going to get stuck and find it hard to cope,” the actress shares.

On the work front, Anushka has been busy with production ventures under her banner. Her next production is Mai and Qala.

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