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“It gets me excited but at the same time it makes me nervous too” Kajal A Kitchlu on Motherhood


Kajal Aggarwal got married to Gautam Kitchlu in a low-key wedding ceremony last year. Actress who goes by the name of Kajal A Kitchlu now recently addressed the rumors of her pregnancy “I would not like to talk about it right now. I will talk about it when the time is right,” she said.

Kajal shared that she had multiple feelings on motherhood seeing her sister Nisha becoming a mother. Talking about motherhood the actress quoted, “It gets me excited, but at the same time, it makes me nervous, too. I have seen how her life has changed and how complete she feels now. I think motherhood is a wonderful feeling. I feel one goes through self-realization in that phase of life. Having said that, I must say I already feel like a mother in the company of my two nephews, Ishaan and Kabir. I just feel that there’s this whole new part of my heart that I never discovered before these babies entered my life. I am sure that when I have my own child, it is going to increase that emotion a lot more.”

Kajal also opened up about her upcoming film Uma in which she is playing role of a mysterious girl, “It is a feel-good happy family drama. The look does remind one of Mary Poppins, but it is not similar to it. The story is quite different,” she explained.