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Mrunal Thakur clears air around her being a part of the prequel to Baahubali


Actor Mrunal Thakur recently revealed that she had to let go of some work as a lot of work flowing in as soon as COVID restrictions were removed. Explaining how everything started at the same time after restrictions were lifted, she said “This has been a busy year for me so far. After the second lockdown was lifted, all producers wanted to shoot together. We are still trying to figure it out. A couple of films, I had to take a step back because I felt even if I did them, it would be an injustice. The character in each film needs that much time and love from your end.”

Saying how her audience is smart enough to figure out when an actor hasn’t done their role with dedication, she said that she didn’t want to disappoint them.

“It needs to be soulful. Aisa nahi hai ki kaam hai toh karte hi jaa rahe hain, without putting your soul, heart, blood and sweat into it. I just felt that I had to go a bit slow. I was pacing really fast, but I do like that,” says Thakur

She also accepts that letting go of projects, wasn’t easy, saying, “I am not okay with that, but I have no other option after all. Because of Covid-19 (restrictions) earlier, we couldn’t travel. Earlier, I would shoot in Punjab, come to Mumbai, then go to Patiala, then Chandigarh… I was juggling a couple of projects. Right now, if I have to fly somewhere, I have to get tests done, it (the process) has slowed down. What I do is I compensate with a photoshoot or maybe something related to my work like a narration or script reading.”

The actress who will be seen next in Jersey alongside Shahid Kapoor also cleared the air around one of her most awaited projects earlier, the prequel to Baahubali. Clarifying that she is no longer doing the web series she said “I was doing that, but not anymore. We did shoot a few episodes two-three years ago, but unfortunately, I am not a part of it. I wish the entire team all the best because that’s a very special and dear project,” she signs off.