Sunil Grover is ready to resume his work. A month ago, Sunil was hospitalised in a Mumbai hospital after suffering a heart attack.

Doctors diagnosed cardiac blockages and also had him operated on. Three angioplasty processes were conducted on him.

Sunil Grover is expected to return to work full-time from 24th March, Thursday.

According to a report by The Times of India, Sunil is on his way to Rishikesh to begin his new endeavour.

According to a source, he has been meticulously following all of the instructions. He has worked hard to maintain his fitness and maintain a balanced diet.

Sunil Grover has dealt with his health setback in a positive manner and is eager to return to work. He appears to be sticking to his diet, yoga, and fitness routine.

In 2018, After his performance in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Pataakha, Sunil gained national recognition as a versatile actor.

In Salman Khan’s Bharat, he was known to play Vilayati Khan.

He has stated that,”he would prefer to be remembered as a versatile actor rather than a comedian.”

Sunil Grover has had quite a journey, starting with radio and ending with films.

Fans are happy to learn that he has recovered and is once again started acting and entertaining!