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The person who could revolutionise online education: Vishva Deepak Gupta


Recently, Mr. Vishva Deepak Gupta, Chairman of Junior DPS and Delhi Public Senior School got featured among the top 50 Personalities of the Year 2020 in a special edition of a reputed magazine in Delhi.

The list included some of the eminent and highly recognised figures of the likes of SonuSood, actors HitenTejwani, VinduDara Singh Randhawa, GauriPradhan as well as prominent politicians like Sanjay Singh and many big business persons. These are the people who contributed a great deal in their respective fields and had an immense impact on society at large during the tough times of the pandemic.

For instance, the philanthropic contribution of Sonu Sood is no secret to anyone. The enormous amount of aid and assistance provided by him to the migrant people in distress during lockdown earned him the title of “The Migrant Messiah”.

Now if we talk about the education sector, it certainly took a great hit during the lockdown so much so that parents were having high apprehensions about the future of their kids whether the kid would be able to attend the school this year or not or they will lose the precious time.

In such tough times, Mr. Gupta launched an online platform that education providers can utilise for offering education online. This attempt helped many to survive the grim situation of the pandemic which took a great toll on our economy especially on the service industry.

His efforts not only made the transition of education from offline to online possible but also made it easy and inexpensive so that education providers of every level could utilise the platform to educate kids from every stratum of society and these kids are also able to access high-quality education from anywhere, any place and any time.

This has acted as a revolutionising point in the field of online education. The platform “Teachlive4U” was prepared with great attention by keeping the need of all the stakeholders in mind i.e. parents, educational institutes, schools colleges and most importantly the student.

They could easily access and operate the application and get the process going smoothly and effectively.

The education providers are able to easily manage and execute their administrative, academic and other works related to education provision while the students can easily access the class and lectures, their assignments and assessments and can also attend the recorded sessions of the previous class if they want. And all this while, the parents could keep the track of their child progress through a dedicated Parent portal.

This amazing endeavour by Mr Gupta needs great applause and admiration we wish him all the best for all his upcoming endeavours.

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