What you wear determines how you present yourself to the world, especially in the world of real time personal interaction where Fashion can be an easy method for instant communication.

People will look at us, the least we can do is, make it worth their while. Trendy Fashion Brand ‘Bossbabe’ have recently became talk of the town; founded by very intimidating fashion designer Ayushi Khandelwal.

The glitzy fashion brand was founded in 2020. Ayushi has worked with top names of the industry namely Tarun Tahiliani.She holds a master’s degree in luxury brand management from Regents University London, where she received a special student award in 2019.

She has been a part of London fashion week and also been a part of student exchange program from Amity university, where she went to US for studies.

BossBabe founded by Ayushi works as a high-end women’s label that excels in statement pieces. It aims to provide a powerful mix of product (statement pieces) and service (styling advice) to young, empowered female customers.

The primary objective of the company is to serve statement pieces which frequently change (according to global fashion styles), service offering (consultation/ advice) in a warm and inviting tone with friendly environment for their customers.

It comes with the costs that won’t hamper the customer’s pocket rather it works in providing a top most experience which is different from all and is irreplaceable.

Through each of their work and services they provide, BossBabe works on a Mantra that goes like- “We Make Clothes, You Make Fashion,” and truly one can see the fashion that this brand creates.

BossBabe’s designs are influenced by the ‘Fashionistas’ who want to make a global impact through its design concepts that evokes a sense of FANTASY.

BossBabe designs are made for fit and curvy women, with bodycon silhouettes, luxurious fabrics, artful hand stitching, and intonations that give each piece its own unique individuality.


  • LEENA BHUSHAN famous make-up artist.
  • MIA LAKRA in MTVSplitsvilla 8/9 and grooming expert.
  • SAANYA KHATTER known forfashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle blogger.
  • BHAVNA MAYANI knownas as style icon from Rajasthan.
  • TANIKA CHAWLA known as model, in the music video by Mayank Rao.

‘What makes me different is I love helping clients find the perfect way to express themselves.’ – says the designer Ayushi.

During her visits to more than 30 countries, she tried to learn about different cultures and lifestyles, as well as the upscale luxury markets.

She wants to give her creative instincts wings and turn her profession and business into a fun and creative experience.

In addition to her experience as well as solid education foundation, she has a keen interest to turn revenue growth.

She is being grateful for the business opportunities to encourage her skillful progress and career growth.