Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar are two bright couples in the industry of Bollywood. Moreover, they were blessed by two intelligent kids named as Aarav and Nitara. Being a financial stable mother she spoke out that she believes in spending her own money for self expenditures. In addition, she told how she started her self-made company, Tweak with her funds.

Twinkle Khanna on Tweak has exposed that she never took money from Akshay when it comes to the education sector of Nitara and Aarav. However, Twinkle Khanna has saved an ample amount of money for her daughter’s graduation. According to her, a mother should be enough capable of spending money on her children without any pause. “I’ve always made sure that I’m the one paying for their education. I want them to say that my mother paid for my education, and not just fed me aloo parathas,” she said.

 “I don’t spend money on anything. My family teases me and asks why am I working if I am not spending on anything.” Twinkle Khanna added her words to the conversation. She even had to break her invested funds for starting her new digital company TWEAK. She even told that “I had to invest in myself. I needed start-up money and there was no one else investing in me at that point.”