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“Whole industry is suffering and we are no different.” Isha Wadhwa on Covid 19 pandemic.

Isha Wadhwa

Isha Wadhwa who is a celebrity makeup artist believes that all the success that she has received in life is only because she has always followed her heart’s desire.

Isha was aspiring to become a teacher but during her graduation days she was offered a still modelling shoot and she decided to give it a try to gain experience of new things in her life. She recalls that it was an enjoyable experience and her work was appreciated too. After that first shoot there was no turning back Isha then did many magazine and print shoots. She also acted in a ZEE TV show titled ‘time bomb’. She was then offered another show but it required her to settle in Mumbai but she could not leave her family behind so she had to decline it.

Isha then started her business in exhibition events of home design and fashion. Her job gave her the opportunity to travel holding exhibitions in Bombay, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Nepal and Dubai. Isha recalls an incident while she was working in Dubai. She says that someone appreciated her makeup complimenting her about her creativity. This one compliment inspired her to become a makeup artist. She took the course at London academy in Dubai. It was a life changing experience for her.

Isha has been working as a celebrity makeup artist for 4 years now. She works under the name of ISHA WADHWA MAKEOVERS. She works at charity events and event shoots. She always tries to learn more and more techniques and develop her skills.

Isha has won many awards including Best Bridal Makeup Artist in South Delhi, The Most Outstanding Bridal Makeup Artist 2019 – Wedding Mantra Awards by Chitrangada Singh (Bollywood Actress), Best Makeup Artist – Everest Award Nite 2018, Zoom Delhi by Himanshi Khurana (Singer & Actress), Miss Royal Princess – India 2017, Presented by Chand Bakshi, Women’s Excellence achievement award by WEAA India Awards 2017 by Mamta Sharma (Ex Chief Women Community of India) and Best Makeup Artist – La’ Natalia Miss & Mrs India by Mehak Chahal ( Bollywood actress).

Talking about the world wide pandemic there’s probably no industry that hasn’t faced the wrath of COVID-19. Businesses have been forced to shut due to lack of earnings, owing to the lockdown. Mannerisms and tactics are undergoing shaking changes. One among the many industries is that of makeup.

Isha’s work has definitely been hard-hit. Business has been down and shut for over 4 months now. Weddings have been postponed indefinitely and most importantly people’s ability to spend on various things is either reducing or has completely declined for a while.

Isha says that “whole industry is suffering and we are no different. Flow of customers to Salons is down at least by 60%-70%. Additionally as all the wedding and social gatherings are off, so makeup bookings are minimal.”

However as the lockdown is gradually being uplifted Isha strongly focuses on how drastically work ethic would need to be changed. The hygiene game has to be stronger than ever. Clients have to be very observant about the precautions their beauticians and makeup artists would take. One has to learn new methods of doing makeup on clients. For example, all products would need to be scooped out and used separately in sanitized plates. The method of double dipping of brushes is a strict no now and Beauty blenders should preferably not be used.

She understands the gravity of this issue, and is trying to embrace the changes this pandemic has got along. She is being positive and hopes for things to get better eventually. Future course of action includes ensuring utmost safety of both, the clients and staff. She has made sure that sanitization measures are not compromised. Taking steps back into the game she assures her products are sanitised thoroughly before and after every appointment. However, she is also being rational and acknowledges the fact that the industry won’t see much improvement till the year end.

Isha comments that clients are coming back slowly and appreciating all their efforts towards hygiene but this will take a while to achieve normalcy in business operations.

Isha has been giving engagement content to her followers on Instagram and has started focusing more on makeup tutorials and giveaways to keep the audience engaged. Social media has been all about COVID-19, so she decided to give her followers a platform where they can divert their mind and learn something productive. The changes would require more labour to be put in, and work hours are expected to increase owing to the lengthy sanitisation process. There’s an obvious fear in people, and it is going to take a while before that goes away. All the businesses have been impacted in various ways. Here’s to hoping everyone comes stronger out of all this!