Home News India Initiates Inquiry into US Allegations Linking Khalistani Terrorist’s Murder Plot

India Initiates Inquiry into US Allegations Linking Khalistani Terrorist’s Murder Plot


In a significant development, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar informed the Rajya Sabha that India has established an inquiry committee to investigate inputs received from the United States, which allegedly point to an Indian connection in a foiled plot to assassinate a Sikh separatist on American soil.

Responding to a supplementary question during a session primarily focused on the foreign visits of Union ministers, Jaishankar clarified that the US charges were not directly related to the original query. However, he emphasized the gravity of the situation, citing national security concerns.

The inputs from the United States, received as part of ongoing security cooperation, raised alarms as they purportedly involve a nexus of organized crime, trafficking, and related matters. Given the potential implications for India’s national security, an inquiry committee has been instituted to delve into the intricacies of the case.

Addressing concerns about equitable treatment, Jaishankar pointed out that Canada, which had not provided specific evidence or inputs regarding the matter, differed from the situation with the United States. He clarified that the absence of concrete information from Canada made it irrelevant to consider equitable treatment between the two countries.

As India navigates the complexities of these international allegations, the establishment of the inquiry committee underscores the government’s commitment to thoroughly examine and address matters that could impact the country’s security landscape. The unfolding investigation will shed light on the nature of the alleged link to the Khalistani terrorist’s murder plot and provide insights into India’s stance on the matter.