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On his death in ‘Game Of Thrones,’ Pedro Pascal says: “I feel like a boss.”

In addition, the 47-year-old recalled how the show's co-creator called his audition "amateurish."


Pedro Pascal has addressed honour in his thrilling death scene in the popular TV Show- Game of Thrones, making a joke that his remaining career appears “a bit futile.”

Pascal – who got to play Oberyn Martell in the extremely popular fictional series – has spoken about numerous highlights of his career in a recent interview with Esquire, as well as the legacy of his character’s demise among fans.

“Makes me feel like a boss,” he said of the scene wherein his head was squished to exploding point during a duel, which frequently ranks high on lists of the show’s gruesome deaths.

“If I’m actually in the top three, I mean, everything after that is a bit pointless.”

“It just like, what am I doing? I’m not sure why I’m still trying. “I took care of it.”

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